Characters of all azimuth and other moving objects converge in a barn on the outskirts of Texan cool. An All Things Animate jam ensues! Created and animated by Alain Le Razer with choreography by Lorn MacDougal. This excerpt is performed by Anik Baker and Ann Berman.

Choreography by Lorn MacDougal featuring Rosalyn Nasky and Alvin Rangel with guitarist and composer Alain Le Razer. They’ve only just met in a hot place. Bouncing with expectation and a churning energy that won’t stop, dancers and musician mesmerize.

1. Transitions Dance Company of Trinity Laban in London, 2001. Suits ‘n Thugs men’s quartet followed by the entrance of the Worms. ”Artistic Director Lorn MacDougal’s ambitious little fantasy Fishy Business is even more flamboyantly amusing, with Susie Holmes’ enjoyably OTT costumes and a striking guitar and vocals score from Alain Le Razer.” ~TimeOut, London
2. Performed by Alain Le Razer and Charlotte van den Reek in Amsterdam. An argumentative couple finds that when dancing, life goes from prickles to just like butter!
3. The dancers’ athleticism combines with their technical prowess in this rhythmic choreography with sex appeal.

When we leave home, how do we really know if our stuff stands still, patiently waiting our return? Alain Le Razer’s animated film suggests it doesn’t here in this raunchy haunted house. First step before filming was to create the clay and balsa wood miniature furniture, a project that covered our NYC apartment with fine white dust during the year it took! Second step: Setting up in an old smoke house in Pennsylvania where nothing could disturb, Alain shoots with his 16mm animation camera, incrementally moving the sculptures, coloring with light, keeping it all in his head over months before developing.

This award winning film by Alain Le Razer featuring dancer Lorn MacDougal was created with a 16mm Bolex animation camera, opening doors to uncanny interchanges of real time and pixilations. Shot in Pennsylvania around the now razed but once so powerful Bethlehem Steel Works to a buoyant back-country riff, the dancer becomes “a child of nature, unfettered and haunting” in the words of Tobi Tobias writing in The Village Voice.

A breakdance warrior, a children’s book princess, and a rocker are unlikely companions who could be cutouts of a collage in motion, slicing through space to a rousing live guitar. Celeste Bliss and Atticus Rodriquez join Alain Le Razer on stage in this odd number. Conceived and created by Lorn MacDougal and Alain Le Razer for All Things Animate’s Austin production, October 2010.

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