Film and Dance Theater

Choreographer Lorn MacDougal and Filmmaker/ Composer Alain Le Razer, working collaboratively since the eighties, have defined and refined their approach to film and dance theater, stirring away from the anecdote to surprise through layered possibilities. Images are saturated with color, motion is a constant, and on both screen and stage music drives the action.

Mr. Le Razer’s cinematic images of bucolic landscapes, menacing industrial sites and urban architecture had such attention-getting clarity that they could be described as examples of magic realism.”
Jack Anderson, The New York Times

“May blessings fall upon MacDougal, therefore, for varying the pace and finding joy in the entire stage space…Her Stone Pillow has a hard-to-define, but irresistible appeal. ..It’s marked by a rangy, unpredictable athleticism. The cast brought a real sense of romance and trust to MacDougal’s jogs, rolls and inverted holds.”
Donald Hutera, Dance Europe, London

"...the verve, the zaniness, the sense of pacing and play make it a lot of fun."
~Susanna Sloat,
ATTITUDE: The Dancers' Magazine (NYC)

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